Tweets on 2010-06-30

  • My car, which has been completely dead for the last 3 days, just started first time when I tried to show the mechanic what was wrong. #
  • @LilianGreenwood what do you have to do with the testing kit? is it unpleasant or uncomfortable? in reply to LilianGreenwood #
  • RT @helenduffett RT @alexfolkes: Lembit has a website – << shame no-one in "Lembits team" knows about apostrophes. #
  • @LilianGreenwood that does look quite a faff – is a screen for everyone or people who are at particular risk? in reply to LilianGreenwood #
  • @lordbonkers actor decided to retire in reply to lordbonkers #
  • @dr_nick I have @meryl_f's anniversary down as 5/7/75? Although never quite sure about celebrating other people's anniversaries. in reply to dr_nick #
  • Would have ticked loads off to-do list tonight if I had written the jobs down in the first place. #gtd #
  • Flights, airport hotel and transfers booked for honeymoon, rail tix for London week secured. #
  • Sorted guest hotel for wedding and booked a bus for transfers. Edging closer to be able to issue invites. #
  • @qwghlm did you see that Screenwipe ep satirizing "quest" documentaries? in reply to qwghlm #
  • Blimey. Learning point from the Derby #cdwm Would never have occurred to me that pesto might not be vegetarian. #
  • Grrr. Is it just me or are people increasingly unable to differentiate between "none" and "non-" ? #
  • Cripes, @honladymark 's pretty dedicated, running an STV recount at this time of night? #
  • @dr_nick I know you're not free that weekend! in reply to dr_nick #
  • Oh dear. The spam bots have learned to count. My blog is getting deluged again. #

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