Catchup in Budget week

Weekly catchup returns this week as the nation, and this blog, have been consumed with debate about the budget. Not for us such petty distractions as the World Cup, the cricket, the world-record breaking tennis or the siren call of the vuvuzela; no, for us, it’s all about the 2.5 percentage point difference between the previous VAT rate and the next.

We kicked off our budget coverage with a message from Nick Clegg warning us that things would not be pretty.

On budget day itself, we asked you what you thought, and spawned a massive comments thread with over 200 entries.

In the days that followed, Mark Pack wrote about tackling tax avoidance and brought you news on the budget from Clegg and from Simon Hughes. Newshound sniffed out Vince Cable’s views. When Vince himself popped by to give his perspective, a further 130 comments ensued.

Reaction from the budget continued to pour in through the comments, and Op-eds began to appear. Elaine Bagshaw saw light at the end of the tunnel whilst for George Kendal there was nothing but anger.

We were still talking budget by the end of the week when Iain Roberts ruled out returning to two-party politics and we had some further extracts of Danny Alexander.

But it wasn’t all high finance.

Are you thinking about going into politics? Mark Pack has a daunting list of things you should do this summer to convince yourself you’re serious.

Chris White is clear where the hammer should fall: not on the little people. Mark finds an interesting use of newly-public data. And Iain writes about what attacks we will face.

Finally this week, Tom Papworth makes a suggestion. The Government is planning a Great Repeal Act, removing from the statute book decades of unwieldy legislation. Do you have a view about what could be removed? If so, write a post on your own blog, or send it to us and we’ll publish it for you.