Tweets on 2010-06-18

  • Wants to watch Mighty Aphrodite: #
  • Wants to watch Fight Club: #
  • Wants to watch Planet Of The Apes: #
  • They're building a giant marquee in Market Square for the Ladyboys of Bangkok. #
  • Visiting the Council's new home, getting some work done. (@ Robin Hood House) #
  • @timandtransport 5 bed houses need more than 2 spaces. in reply to timandtransport #
  • Booking accommodation for #ldconf The new "base2stay Liverpool", opening summer 2010 looks affordable and nice. Will it be ready in time? #
  • @tom_geraghty me'n'@sunny_hundal – we're like *that* >>mimes fingercrossing<< – he left me voicemail today and everything! in reply to tom_geraghty #
  • Erk. Must tidy. Shook the shock of cables that has headphones mixed in… and an empty tin can fell out. #
  • When I have to catch an early train, I spend so much of the night with one eye on the clock, paranoid I'll oversleep, I barely sleep at all. #
  • Off to #thatlondon for the second time this week. (@ Nottingham Railway Station) #
  • Had hoped to charge my phone on the #uktrain but it's one of the old intercity ones. Still, at least that means a quiet, smooth ride. #
  • Attending Fire Forum (@ Local Government Association) #
  • Hilarity greets the news that a civil servant will be late. He's responsible for a programme with somewhat elastic deadlines. #
  • RT @libcon: Shock as council refuses to endorse gay blood donation #

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