Tweets on 2010-06-15

  • Settling down for Full Council. It's cloudy outside so the Council Chamber is gloomier than usual. #
  • Over a dozen Lab members are missing today, but apols only from 2. Wonder what's going on? #
  • Cllr JoCo on his feet answering his first question as Chair of the Police Authority. Data shows Notts has disproportionate stop/search o … #
  • Emergency Report on in-year government cuts to Council budget. Serious. #
  • Lab cllr quoting Bob Neil. "those in greatest need will bear the brunt." one of the things the LD need tm stop. #
  • Um. That's disappointing. I tabled motion saying end gay blood ban. Labour amended to remove all mention of gay men. 😦 #
  • Chair of the Licensing Committee laying it on thick about what is demanded of members. First rule of Licensing Committee… #
  • RT @ianvisits: RT @RichardWiseman Every time you send a tweet saying you don't believe in fairies, one dies. Go for it! #fairytwittercull #
  • Touring supermarkets in the hope of picking up what must be the last CR2025 battery in Notts. #
  • @adventitiously have you been pronouncing it like Methuselah? in reply to adventitiously #
  • @adventitiously I shall have to ask how Methuselah says it. in reply to adventitiously #
  • Good grief, if you want to be a sperm donor, you have to, erm, donate, once a week for six months! #
  • Distinct feeling this chocolate cake may not be worth the effort. Still, anything with four choc bars in it can't be all bad. #

  • The inside of the giant Ing-er-land flag adorning the outside of the Council House. #eng #worldcup #

  • The inside of the giant Ing-er-land flag adorning the outside of the Council House. #eng #worldcup #

  • S'funny, but no-one ever looks at my cooking and says "really? you made that yourself?" #

  • The all-important garnish. "serves 12" #
  • @dr_nick it's from "Cook Yourself Thin" ! in reply to dr_nick #
  • Eh? Someone is emailing me scans of Indian people's passports and school certs, with no accompanying text. Why? #
  • @Alexander_Ball heh, thanks but no thanks. Still, the mind boggles. What would you do with dozens of round batteries? in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • The alarm on my phone didn't sound this morning. Now I can't turn the thing on at all. Bah! #
  • Hmm. Can't log into Orange web account because don't have code off the top of my bill… which is only available in Orange web account… #

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