Tweets on 2010-06-13

  • Tried to sterilize a Kilner jar with boiling water, but it crack'd from side to side 😦 #
  • @adamrio Yes, there's a Scotland team but they didn't qualify this time. England and Scotland are the oldest teams. in reply to adamrio #
  • Aargh! Must stop distracting myself. Must. Do. Accounts. #
  • Yay- new series of IT crowd, Channel4 friday 25th june 🙂 <<< putting it in my diary – so rare for there to be telly I actually watch live. #
  • Phew. 8 months of accounts done. Like so many of the jobs I put off, it's not actually that much work to do. #
  • Now, shall I clean the fish tank or turn in? #
  • Don't need to be properly awake, just awake enough to get to the railway station. #
  • Resisting the coffee-and-cake stand (@ Nottingham Railway Station) #
  • "They've sent the wrong train so the reservations are all mucked up." #
  • This is certainly one of the more frustrating #uktrain journeys I've taken. Train is chocka and seat reservations don't apply. Masses of … #
  • Now a mystery safety alarm is sounding and we can't leave Wellingborough until its been traced and fixed. #
  • The Northamptonshire countryside is awash with elderflowers pointing perkily at the clouds. #
  • My "order, order" sms ringtone has sported a fresh bout of paroxysms of laughter from the giggly women on the other side of the train. #
  • Cranking up the volume on @timharford podcast, hoping to drown out annoying co-passengers and announcements without deafening myself. #
  • @sarabedford I shall also be 22 minutes late, apparently. Don't do Bursar's Report without me. #

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One comment on “Tweets on 2010-06-13

  1. sarah swindell says:

    kilner jar: I usually leave jars in oven on low heat (gas mark “Slow”) for an hour to sterilise them. and then try not to burn myself when I put the jam in them.

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