Tweets on 2010-06-06

  • Everyone in the ringing chamber enjoys @charltonbrooker's assessment of the World Cup: 22 millionaires ruining a lawn. #
  • @darrenram welcome to the tyranny of to-do lists for things you should just remember. 🙂 in reply to darrenram #
  • @robinstaple google say what now? (@sarabedford – this "google Chromebook" might be worth exploring?) in reply to robinstaple #
  • @robinstaple this Dell Streak… does it actually make calls? in reply to robinstaple #
  • Oh, it clouded over during District Ringing. #
  • Strange flask in bathroom.
    Hair gel or sink unblocker?
    Time alone will tell. #
  • Ooh, coming out of dinner in a basement to see it has rained. There are still flashes of lightening on horizon. #
  • Blimey it must have hammered it down: there's massive lakelike puddles in Carrington #
  • @rfenwick that sounds veh veh Agatha Christie in reply to rfenwick #
  • Got home just before the rain restarted. Stranded wheelie bins in the street obv got washed away. Two very angry wet cats. #
  • @robinstaple so would this Chromebook work without net connection? (feel free to answer when more important things concluded, good luck! 🙂 in reply to robinstaple #
  • More heavy rain this morning. Woken by thunder. Wonder how @dr_nick is getting on under canvass in New Forest! 🙂 #

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