Tweets on 2010-05-31

  • On checking the fridge it would appear that a certain someone has overcome his philosophical objection to homemade rice pudding. #

  • Our clematis looks spectacular today. #
  • @jockstrap Nigel Slater – Real Fast Puddings – has series of 20 minute rice puddings cooked on the stove top in a pan like a risotto. in reply to jockstrap #
  • @NCCLols oh, gawd, that's awful, what happened? in reply to NCCLols #
  • At a party, talking to thin people. #
  • Have Steve Martin's "Cows with guns" stuck on the brain after hearing Northern Monkey's latest album. #
  • @thoroughlygood unfortch "we" don't like raspberries 😦 in reply to thoroughlygood #
  • Two cartoons in this week's Eye made me Lol: the olympic spoof on the cover and the Godzilla on the City page. #
  • Now is a good time for omelette and oven chips. #
  • Think I'd be on a winner if there was a prize for the most mess made whilst making a cheese, onion and olive omelette with oven chips. #
  • Obv, by "omelette", I mean half cooked, salmonella-ridden eggy foam. #
  • @adambird that is a most disturbing mental image! in reply to adambird #
  • @dr_nick are you factoring in interest rate rises? They're on the floor right now and can only go up 😦 in reply to dr_nick #

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