Tweets on 2010-05-28

  • @iaindale I thought you were going to stop footie tweets? in reply to iaindale #
  • @joswinson what's your reason? you'd be great. in reply to joswinson #
  • Happy to hear Count Arthur Strong is fully compost Mendips. #
  • Exec meeting. Volunteering for all sorts of things. Will be regretting this for weeks. #
  • @adamrio a supermodel in a pizza joint? sounds like the start of a joke! in reply to adamrio #
  • @rfenwick if it was spelled pointe in French it would be pronounced pwahnte not pwahn, so it must be douze points. in reply to rfenwick #
  • Has stopped working? It doesn't seem to think anyone has said anything in Parliament since April… #
  • "Serves 4." Um, no it doesn't. #
  • Dagnabbit. "Upgraded" to Nokia Ovi Suite, then spent too long last night failing to get it to sync my phone. Stick with PC Suite! #
  • Fire Authority annual meeting starts with a squabble over whether it's 11am yet or not. #

  • Ladies! Ever wanted to drive a fire engine? #
  • @iainbhx Viel Spaß in reply to iainbhx #

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