Tweets on 2010-05-11

  • Ooh, the scaffolding is nearly all off the Elite building. Lots of sparkly white statues. #
  • Sitting in Full Council wondering if any of the Labour members know their Prime Minister has resigned. #
  • Ah, news is permeating through now. The Leader is waggling his eyebrows at me. #
  • Really pleased my Labour friend Penny Griggs will be the Sheriff of Nottingham next year. #
  • Apparently Tories have offered Lib Dems a referendum on Alternative Vote, final offer. Surely, surely, they can't say yes? @charlottegore #
  • @NCCLols Us and the Tories abstained, but a show of hands wasn't called, so you'd never have known we were abstaining. in reply to NCCLols #
  • @NCCLols no Labour councillor ever votes against the whip in Nottingham. in reply to NCCLols #
  • Is it possible to get a geographic number terminating on a mobile? How do I set that up? #
  • @dr_nick because then you pay line rental, and the cost of every call… in reply to dr_nick #
  • RT @Lobbydog Lib Dems and the Devil's choice… << someone understands! #
  • Very strange noises and snorts of laughter emanating from P's office. He must be on that Youtube again. #
  • Thanks for that, Captain Obvious (@iaindale) #
  • @helenduffett and chemistry, like French, is blue, whilst German and biology are both brown. in reply to helenduffett #
  • Bit intrigued that a google link has sent me the Ledbury Reporter page on Nottingham South. I'm sure the people of Ledbury need to know. #
  • Erk – needed an early night, but still haven't made my crab quiche #
  • @El_Cuervo heh, is fortunately still in the can 🙂 in reply to El_Cuervo #
  • @liberalteapot I'll be trying something based on Stein, but… no leeks in supermarket so will have to cobble together shallots and celery in reply to liberalteapot #
  • @liberalteapot indeed, twas the one you recommended. in reply to liberalteapot #
  • At some point this week I have to make a STV-MMC-FTW placard. #
  • Rats, we're out of vermouth. Seems very unlikely someone actually drank it. #
  • Jaegermeister is similar to vermouth, no? #

  • Voila, Compromise Crab Quiche. Now bed, before breakfast on Radio Nottm at 7.10 #
  • @kathyclugston Good lord, you're NOT Ian Paisley?? you mean there are now TWO people in Northern Ireland?! in reply to kathyclugston #

  • Looks a bit like a shanty town, @heleduffett. Those Argos gazebos turn up everywhere! #

  • You don't get terribly far through your notes on an 8 minute phoner! #
  • @caronmlindsay she agreed to talk to BBC Wales at some ungodly hour of the morning. in reply to caronmlindsay #

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