Lib Dem Flashmobs nationwide

Just a few weeks ago we brought you the news of the unofficial Lib Dem Facebook group that was growing by 1,000 members an hour.

Now its members are enthusiastically promoting a series of flashmobs. There’s been one scheduled for London for some time, but I know many of us discounted going to that on the simple horror of getting to London on a bank holiday, whilst we should be shoving leaflets through letterboxes in our various provincial locations.

The prospect of a series of nationwide flashmobs, however, makes attendance just a little easier, no? Here’s the details from a thread in the facebook group:

Vicky Blake There is a growing number of Flashmobs!!! Please help us Tweet them and ATTEND ONE IF YOU CAN!! It will be a great chance to do consciousness raising and talk to people who get interested, to demonstrate support on the streets, cheer people up with yellowness and to meet fellow LibDemmers!

Paxo is currently finishing off Gordy, so let’s get out there and convince any remaining floating votes, convince wibblers that LibDems are the way to go, and help people who are on the fence between Lab/Lib and Lib/Con make an informed decision! If you can, after the Flashmob in yourarea, get to the local LibDem HQ and help them out with leaflets, canvassing, etc!

So far there are the following Flashmobs following the same basic plan (most are at 3pm but I think Manchester and Deby are slightly different and Derby is being finalised). Plese help the organisers of your most local one out if you possibly, possibly can!


LONDON Flashmob:


GLASGOW Flashmob:


DERBY Flashmob:

BRISTOL Flashmob:

And now also: BIRMINGHAM Flashmob:

PLEASE TWEET AND RETWEET ALL on #libdemflashmob & other libdem hashtags!

Now. If only there were some way to channel all these enthusiastic flashmobbers into productive campaign activity… something like a minibus pressgang to shuttle the mobbers from their location to a Lib Dem HQ…