A plea on behalf of people whose names start with A

My name is Alex, and that puts me near the top of the phone book in most of my friends’ mobile phones.

This means that when my friends sit on their phones, or put them in their handbags unlocked or leave them where their toddlers can get hold of them, it’s me that receives the call or text message.

I can’t tell you how many blank texts and silent calls I’ve had as a result. Strange long messages where all you can hear is muffled chat. Phone calls on Christmas morning from Lib Dem campaigners talking to their mothers. Pre-verbalisations from very small people who’ve learned how to use phones before they’ve learned to talk. To bowdlerise a phrase from the King, text messages straight from your arse.

So here’s my top tip. Please put a fake number in your phone book ahead of the top named person there. A short number that won’t terminate in a call or a text message if it’s dialled by accident.

And all the Alexes, Anns and Abigails you know will thank you.


2 comments on “A plea on behalf of people whose names start with A

  1. Tom Langton says:

    Sorry Alex. I’ve got an Alan in the list, but under D for dad so that didn’t jelp you. I’ve added aaa1 since the day I sent all the blank texts.

  2. Leigh says:

    The worst things is when they do that to a landline and you need to use the landline and you can’t because they initiated the call and you can’t break the connection!

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