Tweets on 2010-04-25

  • Mad phone calls from Cowley Street. Rummaging through a box of old hard drives. (Everyone's gotta box old hard drives, right?) #
  • RT @hannahnicklin "There are currently 10 seats in which candidates are all women" << shame report doesn't say which? #
  • Maybe NOTW / Ipsos Mori have got Labour and the Lib Dems confused? #
  • Blink, and another unproductive but fun hour passes. #
  • just caught myself thinking… better not wear a red t-shirt or people'd think I'd prefer the Labour party in the event of a hung parliament #
  • Lost weight this week. Really didn't deserve to. #
  • Problem with naughty weeks that lead to weight loss is it leads you to believe you can eat anything again. #
  • You think, purely hypothetically, you understand, that driving to the garage and buying 2 sausage rolls and 2 choc bars is ok. #
  • @sarabedford takeaways. No steady mealtimes. No #5aday, no breakfast. Chocolate and cake every day. Bakery items. Alcohol. #
  • Printing extra leaflets for new volunteers (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • RT @caronmlindsay: @alexwilcock You have had such a rough time. Let's hope it's behind you now. <<< *involuntary snigger* #
  • Flickr does Banksy #
  • RT @andershanson Loads of people wave and toot their horn when they see @Paulscriven << what hand gesture are we talking about here, hein? #

  • Ordinary water biscuits have 3 more calories and actually taste of something. #
  • Author Alan Sillitoe dies << oh no! Just other day he was herding sheep over Trent Bridge #

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One comment on “Tweets on 2010-04-25

  1. sarah swindell says:

    yup – I have 4 in my drawer. when 500mb ones to come back into fashion, I’ll be ready.

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