Factoid: Clegg now more popular than Cable

Of some passing interest is this little factoid that Politics Home press released last night:

In PoliticsHome’s weekly tracker, Nick Clegg has become the most popular politician in the country

Nick Clegg’s approval rating in PoliticsHome’s weekly tracker has risen by a massive 35 points in the week following the first leaders’ debate.

He has now overtaken Vince Cable to become the most popular politician in the country.

Where to start with the interestingness? Most popular politician in the country? A mixed acolade at best. Yeah, he’s popular, but he’s still one of those awful politicians.

Risen by a massive 35 points? Yeah, OK, impressive.

But beating Cable to the top spot of most popular politician in the nation? Priceless. Does that mean us lowly party wonks in the provinces – lowly on a national scale but unaccountably dobbed “TOP LIB DEM” in the local newspaper whenever we do something unexpected – stop having to answer the question about “You know, I would ‘ave voted for the Libs, but you should really ‘ave ‘ad Twinkletoes as your leader”.