Tweets on 2010-04-15

  • Quick cuppa. My companion has never used a tea strainer before. (@ Malt Cross) #
  • I just became the mayor of Malt Cross on @foursquare! #
  • Bolting down a bean and chorizo misery pouch before heading out to a residents meeting. #
  • Talked myself hoarse at the meeting. Erk. #
  • Oh, my freezing hands, Should I wear gloves indoors? #
  • @thesc who'd wanna be an incumbent right now? It's just yet another example of the Tories nicking something out of the LD campaign book. in reply to thesc #
  • Blarg. Raising my voice at the public meeting last night has really done a number on my larynx. I'd not make a day as a teacher! #

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