Diet derailed

Of course, it had to happen. Get too happy about talking about the diet in public, mention a few successes, and you know you’re setting yourself up for a slightly more embarrassing post in a few weeks’ time when things have not gone quite so well.

A few days ago, I went to the doctor for a drug review on my repeat prescription, and got on the surgery scales while I was there. I could also ask for what my weight was last time the surgery recorded it. And for all I was feeling good about the loss, it turned out that all I had done was get back to more or less the weight I was the last time I hopped on the scales at the doctor’s.

And so yesterday I popped down to Boots to fill my prescription and hopped on their scales while I was there. I’m still not weighing myself at home because the temptation is too much to hop onto the scales every second hour to see how it’s going. So sporadically I go to the supermarket or the chemists and put 20p into a slot of a machine that will weigh me and provide a print out. The print outs give me something tangible to pin to my noticeboard.

Weight loss data

And yesterday’s weight was back up – by a whole kilo. 94.6kg went back to 95.7.

Now if it had been a week when I had been being “good” and sticking to the diet, this information would have been particularly upsetting, but it has been a week when I’ve been a long way away from the pared back approach to nutrition. It’s been Easter – I’ve resisted almost but not quite all the chocolate, and I have had a fair few days away from the diet over the bank holiday. The only hot cross buns I ate were the ones I made myself. And in the last week, I’ve also had quite a lot of beer, first at Lib Drinks then at a friend’s birthday. Those “caloires” (a typo I liked) from beer are quite considerable if you drink more than you planned. And once I had the weigh-in there was a little slip up in terms of popping round the supermarket after they’d reduced their ISB items. Almost as many calories from doughnuts as from beer this weekend! (Huh. Just done the maths. 9 pints of beer and 5 doughnuts have as many calories as I am supposed to eat in two days.)

So, to get the diet back on track, I need to return more closely to the plan. This we can do. Two pouches, a snack, a shake and a cereal. Fresh and frozen fruit and veg. And sugar free, calorie free, nutrient free jelly and fizzy drinks.

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