Tweets on 2010-04-04

  • @Meryl_F they're def offering parties and recruiting hostesses on their website. Hard to buy direct. Expensive tho! in reply to Meryl_F #
  • Plenty of leaflethog done for Derby. Now back to the office to return the rubber bands. #
  • Ooh, they've destroyed the sonic screwdriver. Now they'll actually have to write better stories. #
  • Interesting that when the world goes wrong, they phone Jodrell Bank and Patrick Moore. #
  • Tsk, the Doctor's going to get points on his driving licence fog twocking a fire engine and driving whilst phoning. #
  • @adamrio You're talking about a different Matt Smith than all the Brits, right? in reply to adamrio #
  • Right. Pudding for tomorrow. Do I try something else or try to make another gallette des rois? #
  • Ah. Another missed opportunity for an early night. #

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