Tweets on 2010-04-01

  • Media Show on #bbcr4 covering issue of whether Vince got off easily at #askthechancellors. #
  • Considering nepotism policy. (@ Notts Fire and Rescue HQ) #
  • Another request for my autograph, this time from someone in Poland. Maybe it's time to get some headshots and a glossy pen? #
  • Enjoyed reading this – Obama reads 10 personal letters each day (via @TimHarford) #
  • Loving my boxes of healthy snacks from – use code L63DX4RT to get a free one (delivered!) #
  • Community grant award night (@ Birchover Road community centre) #
  • Good Lord, they've got a singer! With a backing tape. Flying us to the moon! #
  • 12seconds – This guy was a great emcee. People hoping he won't sing too long. #
  • Erm. Maybe daft question, but how does one take 1 square block of bought puff pastry and roll it into two separate equal squares? #
  • @Alexander_Ball let me know what you think. And let them know if there's anything you don't like, eg olives. in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • Gah! Saw most of them but @ncclols got me proper. #
  • Show your party colours on your BMW radiator grille #

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