Amazon is evil

A few days ago, writing a pudding club blog post, I mentioned our friends’ stand mixer, a fancy, expensive Kitchen Aid jobbie, looking a little like this

And because I mentioned it, I though I would have an Amazon linkie to go with it. I’m with Amazon Affiliates, which means I occasionally get an Amazon voucher in return for plugging their website. High ticket items like this would mean big vouchers even if only one person ever bought one as a result of the link.

All I did on Amazon was search for the mixer and take a copy of the link it generated. I didn’t put it in my wish list and I didn’t tell it I liked it or anything like that.

But Amazon got the hint just from the one search, and since then, I’ve had three emails all along a subtle variation. “Look at our special offers in stand mixers!” / “Stand mixers, big reductions” / “Ooh, your credit card doesn’t seem to be totally maxed out, and you have just had those shelves put in the kitchen, so you probably have space now? Right?”

My parents have a Kenwood chef that they use mainly for bread making, but Kenwoods have lots of different attachments including bean slicers and sausage makers. They look like this:

But the thing Amazon keeps telling me about most of all is this surprisingly affordable Andrew James (whohe?) stand mixer, with oodles of really positive reviews:

Not that I actually need a stand mixer.

But with emails like these, it’s only a matter of time before I succumb.

Tonight I’m baking an apple for pudding, but I really wish I were cooking Chris Noth Raymond Blanc’s mother’s tarte aux pommes.

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2 comments on “Amazon is evil

  1. Mum says:

    Kenwood Chef was cheaper on Tesco Direct when I replaced mine! Also, did you know, if you go into Amazon through Nectar when you buy, you’ll get nectar points?

  2. […] parents, who have made all their own bread since time immemorial, use a Kenwood Chef to batch make 48 rolls, which are then baked and frozen and defrosted as necessary. I haven’t […]

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