How’s the diet going?

When I started on t’diet, I mentally thought to myself that I wouldn’t be doing the dieting quite so publicly as much of my life.

But I can’t really resist talking or tweeting about it, so people know what’s going on.

And I’ve been doing it for a month now, with a variety of days from very strict to very liberal in the interpretation of what’s allowed. Some days I am more hungry than others. And actually, my weight is falling consistently and my clothes are feeling loser. I’ve had to start wearing a belt again for the first time in years just so that I don’t lose my trousers whilst leafleting.

I don’t actually weigh myself at home, although we do have a set of scales. I’ve been using “Healthy Weight Machines” at supermarkets and Boots. I’ve not been too conscientious at using the same machine all the time – it rather depends where I am.

In the last four weeks, my weight has dropped from 102kg to 95kg. The better part of 7kg or 14lbs or one whole stone. My waist, neck and chest measurements have all fallen. Go me!


4 comments on “How’s the diet going?

  1. dr_nick says:

    congrats bro

    keep it up.

    remember exercise is important too…

  2. vicky says:

    a stone in 4 weeks!

    Bah! I am struggling. Exercise is important and I tried swimming yesterday but that still hurts the arm. And social events make me forget the diet and binge. I have to lose 4 or 5 lbs to be able to weigh in free at Weightwatchers and 13 lbs to where I was last summer, which was well under goal.

  3. neil h says:

    Well done that man!

  4. Mum says:

    Go Alex!! Well done you! And don’t be put off if loss slows down! aim for steady 1-2 ibs (approx 1 Kg?) per week!! would have thought all walking involved with leaflethog would prob help with exercise element!! Kepp going – it gets MUCH harder to lose the weight as you get older 😦

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