Librivox is still ace

I’m enormously chuffed that my reading of The Invisible Man is on the list published today of Librivox Readers’ Favourites.

I read it aloud to my computer nearly four years ago – horrifying thought – and it’s still popular all this time later. I know that it is, because I get a steady stream of highly flattering emails from people who have enjoyed it.

Was saying only last night how I really must find time to record something else. Many of the things I made a little list of how now been well recorded by other people, so I am open to suggestions for a summer project.


One comment on “Librivox is still ace

  1. Bob Bolhuis says:

    Hi Alex,
    I just finished listening to your recording of The Invisible Man and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to make that recording!

    In a fortuitous decision, I decided to come and see if your website was still active and happened upon this post. I wish I had some good suggestions for other material for you to record, but as I have just started investigating the world of audio versions of public domain works, I’m afraid I don’t have any good suggestions. I do have to say, however, that as an American I did find it enjoyable to hear a book that was written by an Englishman to be read by an Englishman because it made it easier to slip into the proper frame of mind.

    I’m hoping you find a suitable project!

    Thanks again!

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