Tweets on 2010-03-14

  • Exclusive view of LDV broom cupboard #
  • Lunch (@ ICC Mall) #
  • RT @MarkReckons: Waiting to record a special #ldconf edition of @hoc_podcast with @sshrpe @SaraBedford @MarkPack @AlexFoster #
  • Helping a friend with some tech issues. My brum digs don't have a view like this #
  • @lornaspenceley she was speaking at Palestine fringe. in reply to lornaspenceley #
  • Funky street-art – the strips on the road turn into the streetlight columns. #
  • RT @willhowells: The Mailbox has had a power cut. We'd finally found a restaurant who could fit us in. I'm so hungry! #ldconf #
  • Pretty much the minute I took that last photo, the lights went out. So it's probably my fault @willhowells isn't getting any dinner. #
  • Wondering how hard it would be to hack together Dabr and Twitter Tools code so that day's tweets blogpost includes the day's photos inline. #
  • Sunny day dawning in Brum on final day of #ldconf #
  • Don't think I've been to church on Mothering Sunday for 15 years, and yet have woken today humming For Mary, Mother of our Lord. #
  • Complicated TV kit making a radar station look simple. #
  • Not sure how to break this to the stewards, but, erm, King Edward VI won't be coming today. #
  • Reasonable turnout to talk about #debill at #ldconf. @bridgetfox, @markpack have spoken well in favour of motion so far. #
  • Something bizarre is happening with twitter this morning – I know lots of my #ldconf chums are tweeting, but I can't see their output. #
  • RT @millenniumdome: Huge win. Lib Dems support Internet Freedom. #ldconf #debill #
  • RT @yezzer: Well done to the @libdems on the #debill. If only the other parties listened to the people. #ldconf. #
  • @radinden I think Temple is also the only Tube station that is also a Paris Metro station. in reply to radinden #

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