Tweets on 2010-03-12

  • My co-cllr dropped into conversation the fact that his hifi is older than me. #
  • Announcement apparently imminent on high speed rail in East Midlands. #
  • Trying to parse "free money and debt advice." Not "free money, and debt advice" but "free money-and-debt-advice." #
  • O&S ctte. Gritting. Economic resilience. Advice. Procurement. (@ Nottingham Council House) #
  • Putting finishing touches to my cllr annual report. Too many "challenges" not enough "achievements" #
  • Some things, you shouldn't have to ask. #
  • Fast food then Lib Drinks. Diet disaster. (@ China One) #
  • Looks like someone's opened an old fashioned style sweet shop on Wheelergate. #
  • Liberal Drinks (@ Fellows, Morton & Clayton) #
  • Wheeling giant suitcase to Jt Ctte for Strategic Planning and Transport, then to #ldconf in Brum. #
  • Still pondering how Lab winning a seat from Ind means the Lib Dems gain a seat on the Jt Ctte Strat Planning & Transport #
  • Hafta say, I ❤ the Jt Ctte Strategic Planning and Transport. #
  • If you're at all interested in rail issues in Notts, you should read the excellent reports that are sent to the ctte. #
  • Hoping @andershanson 's wardrobe light excitement doesn't keep him awake at night. Or set fire to his clothes. #

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