Tweets on 2010-03-08

  • @libdom you're not in Wetherspoons with @willhowells are you? in reply to libdom #
  • Sowing the seeds of liberalism into surprisingly fertile ground. #
  • Wondering how to log bellringing as exercise at FoodFocus. Canoeing? Weightlifting? #
  • (We got a quarter peal of 1260 Plain Bob Triples to celebrate the birth of twins earlier this evening.) #
  • @foxc_uk did you not see the start of the diet post? 🙂 People on diets are allowed the occasional chocolate mousse. in reply to foxc_uk #
  • @NCCLols if Council doesn't approve a budget today there will be trouble! in reply to NCCLols #
  • @NCCLols see 7th para in this from 5 yrs ago: – but if it happens at main meeting, we would prob have to pass. in reply to NCCLols #
  • @ncclols after all, opposition don't have the votes to force change; Labour whip is rock solid and no lab cllr ever votes against party #
  • Crowdsourcing budget speech: Can anyone help me out with 50 ways to lose your wheelie bin? Arson attack, Jack… #50waystoloseyourwheeliebin #
  • Parcel arrived while I was in shower = wet footprints on stairs #

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