Tweets on 2010-03-05

  • @floatyhev woo! congrats, what a lovely day to be born 🙂 in reply to floatyhev #
  • Full house for Nottingham City Council's first ever call-in sub committee: closure of Radford Unity Complex. #
  • LD Cllr Long asking about timelines. How come 90 day notice to leave was given to orgs before decision to close was made? #
  • Call in meeting only just finished, I hear by text message. I had to leave hours earlier for a residents meeting and have just got home. #
  • @NCCLols the rules for call in used to pretty much exclude it ever happening. Following our input the rules have been relaxed a bit. in reply to NCCLols #
  • @andershanson you can get Sainsbury's Basics Camembert 🙂 in reply to andershanson #
  • @artesea congrats – are you all home yet or staying in for a short while? in reply to artesea #

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