Tweets on 2010-03-01

  • What odd things to be sitting in the carpark of Staples (other stationers are available) #
  • @timprater just don't let him help with spelling – cats are terrible at spelling. #
  • Just missed bus. Long wait til next. Long, hungry wait next to chocolate and crisp selling newsagent. #
  • Why, yes, that *is* a low fat bacon and egg cheese sizzler. #
  • Labour’s tax U-turn after tycoons’ gifts – Times Online #
  • @VizTopTips BORED OF ORIGINAL MATERIAL? just take a joke that's a few years old, and turn it into new TopTips! No-one will notice. in reply to VizTopTips #
  • Wondering if this leaflet has just a little Too Much Nick Clegg… #
  • @VizTopTips the Granpa viagra joke comes in "not peeing on slippers" and "not rolling out of bed" varieties 🙂 in reply to VizTopTips #
  • Not sure whether this remote controlled mouse is supposed to be a toy for the cats or for P. #
  • @VizTopTips now those two were right funny 🙂 in reply to VizTopTips #
  • What a lovely morning. It's almost as if spring has sprung. #
  • Oh, and happy St David's Day. Are anyone's daffs out yet? Ours are a long way off. #
  • First of five meetings today about to start (@ Nottingham Council House) #

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