Tweets on 2010-02-23

  • Get well soon, Cllr Tony Sutton! #
  • Saw something white through glass in front door. Kitten? Snow? No. It was a used disposable nappy wrapped up in a neat bundle. #
  • Some kind of incident – 3 fire engines blocking tram tracks outsid Exchange Arcade. #
  • @alexfolkes yeah, but we've had it for years now. in reply to alexfolkes #
  • @ramtops top tip: open your post standing over filing cabinet 🙂 in reply to ramtops #
  • Enjoying this week's veggie special (@ Pret a Manger) #
  • Incident over and trams now running normally. #
  • Just calling in at supermarket to buy my fruit and veg (=chocolate and alcohol) for the week. #
  • And bizarrely, the caff is celebrating Valentine's day with a live singer. Surreal. #
  • Earlier today, I saw a young man wearing a cape. An actual flared cape with a colourful lining. #
  • @bykimbo our honeymoon is booked there! in reply to bykimbo #
  • @sarabedford I'm doing terribly tonight. Hopes pinned on #onlyconnect. Such a luxury to be in on a Monday night! in reply to sarabedford #
  • Another nailbiting University Challenge. I'm always cheering on the non-Oxbridge side. #
  • Not doing at all well at #onlyconnect #
  • @BeauBodOr I liked it ! 🙂 in reply to BeauBodOr #
  • @bykimbo not til October – I'm sure it will be totally fine by then. in reply to bykimbo #
  • @joswinson I think you will get more out of #glee if you can watch all of it. in reply to joswinson #
  • Scottish wooden shortbread mould – not the easiest of things to cook with #
  • Why is only "LDEM 19%" trending when all the messages that contain that phrase also have CON 41%, LAB 29% in them too? #
  • @joswinson It's episode 7 this week in reply to joswinson #
  • I've got to get rid of the internet, I can never get anythign done. 😦 #
  • I can't find my phone and I can't contemplate leaving the house without it. #

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