Tweets on 2010-02-10

  • Interesting interview with local resident on a criminology degree – pulling together uni work with local police meetings. #
  • Teh mobile internets is so not working for me today. 😦 #
  • Lots of confusion about the difference between SUDs and SUEs. One is ponds, one is new housing estates. #
  • *sigh* It's like some people here have never even read the SHLAA! #
  • Sudden flurry of heavy snow #
  • History of Nottingham City Transport – from horse-drawn buses in 1848 #
  • @ianvisits they probably don't have much in the way of a sink #
  • @willhowells are you cured? Praise be! Alleluia! in reply to willhowells #
  • In today's Trax2Aggravate, someone is playing something that sounds like faint car horns, so I keep looking round to see who's tooting. #

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