Pudding Club: Pear and Ginger Cake

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Tonight’s recipe was found here on the BBC / Good Food site after searching for a Come Dine with Me recipe I couldn’t find again. The CDWM version involved making a paste of butter and sugar, spreading it on foil, lining the foil with tinned pears and putting a ginger cake on top. The paste caramelizes and the pears sink into the ginger. I couldn’t quite find that, and didn’t quite want to improvise, so used the recipe instead.

Here are some thoughts: the instruction “core the pears but leave the stems on” – easily said, not so easily done. I stopped trying after a while and cooked them with the cores in. The recipe seems extremely fluid, so don’t know how it will come out. It also gets you to add liquid ingredients to dry ones, which means I couldn’t mix the flour in too well and ended up with loads of white speckles at the top. I couldn’t get the pears to stay standing up, either, so ended up with them on their sides. And because it was so liquid, all the crystalized ginger sank to the bottom.

So, we’ll have to see how it goes.

I’m not supposed to cook at night when the household is supposed to sleep. It’s pretty antisocial after all. The noise wakes the light sleepers – especially the cats – and the tantalising cooking aromas permeate dreams so that P wakes up salivating and with acid indigestion. But… sometimes I’m much more awake at 4am than I ever am at 8, when the household is properly waking up.

Trying to cook quietly is like that old comedy sketch of the drunk guy trying to get into his house without waking everyone up. Every silent moment turns into a cacophony of sound. Getting baking trays out of piles, saucepans out of stacks, opening crinkly cellophane wrappers. Even the fan on the oven – how much noise does it really make – is it audible upstairs? I try closing the kitchen door, but at the moment, it squeaks. Must grease that at some point. Ginger cake smells are indeed wafting up the stairs. Thus far, I have not heard angry footsteps… I think I may have gotten away with it.


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