Tweets on 2010-01-31

  • Don't know what it is about train journeys to London that makes my Nokia N95 crash and reboot at least twice each way. #
  • No time to go see the new frieze (@ St Pancras Train Station) #
  • I'm at Somers Town Coffee House (Chalton Street, Camden Town). #
  • Erm Stephen? RT @stephentall: there is a distinct but slim possibility I might be on time for @libdemvoice meet-up for 1st time ever. #
  • Conversation moves from ironing rosettes to marrying comatose grannies for tax breaks. Next "is there anything like atheism?" #
  • Paperclip… OR FRENCH TROMBONE? @paultrollope #
  • Back on train. Sitting opposite a Mac Book Air. Never seen one in wild before. #
  • Cor, the moon is spectacular again tonight. #
  • There's a dancing small boy in a green hoody at the other end of the carriage. Never seen anyone so happy to get to Leicester. #
  • Eek! Train interior looks quite fresh and new – but fire extinguisher still says BR on it. #
  • Nottingham now *really* code. #
  • Really really code – -3 outside, and bedroom is only 12 deg! Electric blanket and kitteh company to keep me warm tonight. #

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