Tweets on 2010-01-29

  • Hey, whaddya know. My P60s *were* in the filing cabinet all along, just at the back of the tax file not the front. Grr. #
  • @alixmortimer every year the tax return and christmas cards mock me about my mental pledges to get them done earlier 😦 #
  • Three hours after cooking it, I finally get to eat my herby lemony chickony tea. And a wee drinkette to go with it? One tiny tinny? #
  • RT @willhowells: My CD of The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra is all scratched and refuses to play. It's typical of broken Britten. #
  • @JonBall I trust that payout will be liable to Rennard Tax! 🙂 in reply to JonBall #
  • Today's That was a typo, but I liked it – "Newflanged" – as in that newflanged Lib Dem website that seems to be a replacement extranet. #
  • Watch the lolcatters nitpick Shakespearean Lolcat language – such fun! #
  • iPad vs Blu Tak #
  • Printing off the Compulsory Forms in advance of a hustings tomorrow. #
  • @bykimbo more on the tweeting Cornwall councillors , , #
  • Blimey, loadsa people seem affected by today's XKCD #
  • @floatyhev is that like "I'm a Celery, get me out of here!" ? #

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