Errors in Mirror story

The writer of this story in The Mirror has clearly never heard of my ancestral home Leominster, represented by Bill Wiggin MP:

A heartless Tory was branded a disgrace yesterday for calling thousands of Cadbury’s workers fighting for their jobs “whingers”.

Mp Bill Wiggin, who went to Eton with David Cameron, said staff should stop moaning about the Kraft takeover which could lead to huge redundancies.

The ex-banker, who has a Cadbury’s factory in his constituency, said they should just knuckle down and get on with it if they wanted to stay employed.

The Leamington MP said he had heard workers complaining about the US firm’s takeover. He said: “I worry that by sending out such negative signals it puts people’s jobs more at risk.

It later refers to Warwickshire, so is presumably also confusing Cadbury factories. Cadbury do have a plant in the Leominster constituency, at Hope under Dinmore on the A49.

EDIT – have added in the link. And “Let them eat Flake” *is* a pretty good headline, so I’ll give them that.


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