Tweets on 2010-01-21

  • Watson Fothergill building on George St to become an upmarket tearoom. #
  • Grief. Planning committee completed in 25 minutes. A new record! #
  • More shoddy target setting by Labour government with no understanding of how to deliver targets #
  • Transport planners v shopkeepers round 3. Today: Cycle lanes – waste of money. Those traffic lights – oughta be ripped out. #
  • Wish Brian Aldridge had been able to work his magic at my committee meeting! #
  • @owenblacker cos it doesn't stand up if you think about it much? "Oh cool, that guy's beating himself up in a car park – let's join in!" #
  • nilesuk has seen 73 of the @IMDb Top 250 movies. #
  • "George Osborne said many retired naval captains cannot afford a maverick nun with acoustic guitar and sewing machine." #
  • @cllrtim @tchee many of us need to stop chuffin about on computers until the wee hours 😦 #
  • Looking for a personal link shortener. Unfortch is taken #
  • The Times has a bunch of nice foods that are good for you. #
  • Meh. Anything approaching two hours leaflethog and I'm knackered. Not good in survival of fittest terms. #

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