Tweets on 2010-01-19

  • *sigh* shifting canvass data from NOW1 to NOW2 for the first time this year – but certainly not the last time. #
  • "… you can be like Madonna and cling to youth with your Gollum arms…" #30Rock #
  • Beechdale Library – annual census count of readers this week. Please make an extra effort to visit the library before Saturday. #
  • Could you help plant bulbs on Kennington Road park? Get in touch! #
  • Held a meeting in a classroom earlier where they had this cute inflatable model of solar system #
  • And today, cleaned my oven to such a degree, you'd think it were new. #
  • Copyright issues prevent me from posting a photo of a naked man over on @libdemvoice, so you'll just have to google "scott brown centrefold" #
  • Fly-through of new Nottingham station – see video on Evening Post website #
  • I think I heard an owl hoot outside. #
  • @adamrio have you learned the unicorn's shocking secret in Peggle Nights? #
  • Ooh, interesting – have just run the Picasa facial recognition software and it's lumped my nephew together with my own baby photos! #

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