Tweets on 2010-01-04

  • New year. Shiny new kit in my canvassing box. #
  • Second loaf meh. Collapsed a bit. Tiger bread coating disappointing. #
  • Still, the crumb looks ok. And look how clean my hob is! #
  • John Cushnie dead? How sad 😦 #
  • Grief. *I'm* suffering nervous exhaustion after an hour of Undine Wragg. #
  • @helenduffett Well, I never, and both of us married (well, nearly)! Still, I think now would be an ideal time to plan 4 months in Europe! #
  • @sarabedford @helenduffett Goodness, Mrs Bedford as well? But wherever will we put all the dresses the Paris couturiers will make for us? #
  • @helenduffett @sarabedford @cllriainroberts I hear Strasbourg is nice this time of year – we can go tramspotting. #
  • @MarkReckons was also on on boxing day in reply to MarkReckons #
  • This cold weather has really done a number on my hands turning them into wrinkly painful old man hands. Will have to moisturize or something #
  • @helenduffett @sarabedford @cllriainroberts I hear Strasbourg is nice this time of year – We can go tramspotting. #
  • Redeploying the furry handwarmer to my chilly feet. #
  • Don't know what's worse – 5 more months of phoney war or an early general election!? #
  • -7 in Hereford, according to the radio; -5.9 at the bottom of the garden according to weather gizmo. My min recorded was -11 on 1.1.10 #
  • Doing whistlestop tour of Nottingham with mad kiwi friend. #
  • Dropping by malt whisky shop in Exchange Arcade. They have a bottle of champagne cognac for over £800! Eek #
  • @mawawa from the outside they look more like a specialist tobacco shop, I didn't realise they had a wine'n'whisky cellar. #

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