Tweets on 2009-12-28

  • New drinking game: knock back a sherry every time Sheila Dillon says "Chorleywood Bread Process" or speaks with her mouth full. #
  • So, who wins happy families? The person with the most families or the one who gets rid of cards quickest? #
  • @hughmcguire I've got an RSS feed of @ replies that helps with that. in reply to hughmcguire #
  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson: Christmas: a grim opportunity to visit Homes bless'd with neither Access to th'INTERNET nor Reception 'pon the MOBILE #
  • Safely home after magical mystery tour of relatives. Home to starving cats and an internal house temperature in single figures. #
  • @bykimbo I have recorded a free audio book of Invisible Man, if you're interested: in reply to bykimbo #
  • Cor. Still cold. Brr. Waiting for egg to turn orange. #

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