Tweets on 2009-12-02

  • Unfortunate use of twitter and news headlines #
  • The water in the fountain in the garden has frozen, and the hallway LCD thermometer says DANGER OF HYPOTHERMIA TAKE ACTION NOW. #
  • @ramtops do you still *have* a computer with a floppy disk drive? #
  • Coming to Nottingham to shop? Might be best to avoid Saturday 5th December… #
  • Are Welsh hill farmers using dollars these days?! #
  • @jamesgraham "Gadarene" also hasn't been used on LDV? Is it a more appropriate word for Lib Dems, eh? #
  • There's been a (very very minor) explosion at Nottm Guildhall and they've had to evacuate. #
  • Still chortling at colleague's joke: "East Mids regional migration partnership" ? Oh yeah, where are going? #
  • Looking down and realising I'm wearing orange jumper, pink shirt and red socks. #laundryfail #
  • @CamillaZajac gas bottle, I heard, but didn't hear properly. in reply to CamillaZajac #
  • @acarmichaelmp there's some good fishing around Leominster (my home town). Admittedly the North Sea prob better. in reply to acarmichaelmp #
  • W00t – there's loads of "Miranda" on iPlayer, and it's really funny. #
  • @kayray do you say CHICKEN soup or chicken SOUP? 🙂 in reply to kayray #
  • @kayray me too – but I think Jewish people say the other #

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