Tweets on 2009-11-29

  • Eek. Being given model colour leaflets which feature the late Cllr Neil Trafford. #
  • @markpack that has to be one of the more complicated ways to send email to yourself. in reply to markpack #
  • @kayray not much eating on a goose either, you need a big one to feed a family. #
  • Disenamourment #neologism #lorelyburt #kickstart #
  • Leaving the #kickstart jollity behind and getting an early night and some personal decompression time. #
  • Looking enviously at the sofa at the other end of my hotel room and wishing I could sit on it and read. Sadly there's no light there. #
  • Hotel towels. I always put mine on the rail, happy to reuse and save planet, and they always go and replace them just the same. #
  • Just had one of those phone conversations that's long enough to make and drink two cups of tea and totally exhaust a phone battery. #
  • @alexfoster nice phonecall, that is 🙂 #
  • Have stayed up late finishing Julie & Julia when I should have been getting an early night. Now have strange urge to bone a duck. #
  • Joining a silent room of people watching a trainer struggle to make a projector connect to a laptop. #
  • @mithomas20 many happys! in reply to mithomas20 #
  • Daisy Cooper #RisingStar #OneToWatch #kickstart #

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