Tweets on 2009-10-30

  • Receptionist said if necessary, starve both of them! #
  • Ambridge to be available as podcast the announcer just said. That means available as MP3 with fewer restrictions than iPlayer! #
  • Leaflets ho! #
  • Wow – a collection of historical political posters, in Flickr Commons #
  • @cllrtim amazingly positive coverage of your Barnsley by-election win in this week's Private Eye Rotten Boroughs. #
  • @jamesgraham missing Milton Keynes is making my conspiracy antennae twitch 🙂 #
  • @stephentall saw the trails for that – what he was doing in rehearsal didn't seem to tally with the "all but dead" media coverage? #
  • @adamrio are you the best fountain caulker? #
  • Do Americans say caulk when we say grout? I'd never heard the word before "27 Dresses". #
  • RT @jamesgraham RT @girlonetrack: RT @james_weston: <<< good lord, impressive chest hair. #
  • So that plasticy stuff you put round the edge of the bath is in fact caulk and not grout, and I've been using the wrong word? #
  • @helenduffett @markreckons this is why they don't let me DIY. #

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