I hate iPhones!

Aargh! I hate iPhones! There, I said it. And it seems I’m not alone.

They’re good. They’re funky. The UI is top notch.

But what I really hate is that they do nothing my existing Nokia couldn’t already do. They launched on the scene with a great fanfare, with fewer features than most existing smartphones. And yet, almost straight away, all the websites that had previously neglected smartphones in various guises jumped straight onto the iPhone bandwagon, and produced an iPhone compatible version that still excludes the majority of other smartphones out there. Aaargh!

Then, with the world iPhone friendly, it’s getting harder to use Nokias. It’s a daily struggle to get my phone to do what it should be able to do easily. Getting podcasts on using iTunes is a horrible kludge (I use iTunes Agent, which does the job, but not without mucking about). The supplied software with my N95 8GB didn’t work on Vista. The downloaded software is mostly fine, but sometimes a little buggy. But its native music/podcast app just refuses to run on my computer. One of the main points in getting a large capacity phone was so that I didn’t need to take two gadgets into the shower out leafleting with me if I wanted to listen to podcasts whilst delivering.

I’ve also not managed to get picture messaging or email working on my phone since I upgraded, although browsing the web, mainly dabr.co.uk and m.libdemvoice.org using Opera Mini works a dream. Without email, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of integrating Flickr and Twitter, which is a shame.

Oh, and the Nokia N95 8GB? Much clickier keys. Not good for using surreptitiously in meetings. And the keyboard seems to be a major contributor in my hand pain, which I’m calling RSI, even though I’ve not discussed with an actual medical professional.

Hmm. Having said I hate iPhones, I seem to have spent much of the time talking about hating Nokias.

Still, there are some things that put me off trying to upgrade to an iPhone. I don’t want to have to move from Orange (although there seem to be precious few reasons to stay these days) (and they seem to be getting iPhones soon). Can you use an iPhone with one hand whilst walking? Are you more likely to get mugged for an iPhone? And what would I do with all my still useful Nokia chargers that litter the house?


One comment on “I hate iPhones!

  1. neil h says:

    To be contrary, I love my iPhone. It really is a lovely bit of design, but the real reason for its success is the app store and iTunes. It makes downloading and installing stuff a breeze.

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