Tweets on 2009-10-17

  • – I think all these people downstairs have come to watch a boxer get weighed. #
  • This is how I imagine Weight Watchers works. #
  • The crowd is chanting. Bet he regrets that cream cake now. #
  • Eek, they asked me on my way out if I wanted to be weighed next. #
  • @ncclols nah. I think this is an actual boxing thing. #
  • – "I'll decide what we watch tonight." #
  • I am still really chuffed with the Bedford result, and love @daveformayor's monosyllabic Obama parody: #
  • "Stuart Bray, 30, was among 55 Greenpeace activists who climbed on to the roof of the Palace of Westminster on Sunday" #
  • How curious – four hours ago when I came back from the supermarket, there was too much cheese for the box. Now there is no such problem. #
  • Often send P texts in the night, when his phone is off – he sees them in the morning. Just sent "Talk to me about Davros before we set off" #
  • Adding posts to my blog and LDV almost simultaneously. Double checking the recipe isn't going to show up on t'Voice. #
  • Good? Morning? I hate you all. Meh. #

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