Tweets on 2009-10-16

  • Wondering if I can fit in a spot of lunch before committee, or whether I'll have to consider CCTV and alcohol on an empty stomach. #
  • RT @willhowells: Looks like @cineworld have decided to start treating their customers like criminals. #
  • My cinema rebellion is to mutter "you wouldn't go to the toilet in a policeman's helmet" during the FACT screens. @glinner #
  • Have I deserved cake today? #
  • – They're putting up the Christmas lights. (eagle eyed amongst you should spot webcam location) #
  • How my mind works pt 1 – ctte chair mentioned "a little list" and I've been mentally humming Mikado tunes ever since. #
  • Now my mind is humming "I've angered @JamesGraham" to tune of Sarah Silverman's "I'm f***ing Matt Damon" #
  • – Something seriously wrong with Council House facilities again. #
  • Tonight, Council House is hosting NottDance09. #
  • Dear Sainsbury's, just because dozens of my friends are pregnant does not mean I too need vouchers for nappies and baby food! #
  • @jamesgraham you can't be annoyed, it doesn't scan! Seriously, sorry for the date, but we had lots to avoid inc regional confs and kickstart #
  • And they say Lib Dem bar charts lack attention to detail. #
  • Had a lovely time at the opening night of Our Man in Havana at Playhouse. You can get £10 tickets if you quote "refer a friend" #
  • Rob Fenwick reminds us of the homophobic past of the Conservative MP for Spelthorne, Surrey #
  • @jamesgraham btw what does Tt mean? #
  • @madamemish how was the bar opening? #
  • I just deposited money into my Swiss bank account. #spymaster #
  • Vile homophobic story in the Mail about how filthy gays die young… current ad urges reader to "trust pink" #

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