Tweets on 2009-09-30

  • @trioptimum it's probably d-ay-mon-oh-eed. #
  • RT @helenduffett That's the second person in 20 min to stop me in the street and say, "Second place in the polls!" << is that Cowley Street? #
  • Googling "alex foster tories id cards balletic u-turn" #
  • RT @MakeVotesCount @UnlockDemocracy: News release: Gordon Brown’s voting reform pledge will satisfy no-one #
  • Labour introduced civil partnerships. But they didn't get everything right for gay people #lab09 @stealthmunchkin #
  • The perfect t-shirt for Nick Clegg (T-shirt hell – sometimes NSFW) #
  • Hmmm, bread and cheese. Nom nom nom. #
  • Off for spot of kulcha. Fascinating Aida 25th anniversary tour. #
  • RT @owenblacker: Gordon Brown's back door to compulsory ID cards: typical worthless political window-dressing #no2id #
  • Leaving the theatre with an urge to buy a sparkly choker and a matching set of dangly earings #
  • Ooh! Half price Terry's All Gold! #
  • @markpack Harold who? I was 14 when I discoved prime ministers don't HAVE to be women! #
  • Hmmm. Strange white blossom on the chocs. Eating them anyway. In the name of scientific experimentation, you understand. #
  • @madammish @sarabedford I don't think I have anything with a suitably plunging neckline. So, new frock too! #
  • @alanfleming so is it actually healthier? #
  • Playing fetch with the kitten. #
  • I knew what a quoin was but had to double check vermiculation. (@helenduffett) #
  • Oh, my goodness, just ban photoshop already! #
  • An interesting use of #QRcodes (h/t @helenduffett) #
  • Don't miss two ace posts from last night: Mark Pack on Gordon Brown ( and Alix Mortimer on Sarah Brown ( #
  • Shocking. RT @currybet: The Sun and the Labour Party are slugging it out in Google Ads war re Hillsborough #lab09 #

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