#ldconf feedback questionnaire

A message arrives from the Conference people asking for our feedback on all matters Conference.

Conference is important to the Liberal Democrats. Your input, debates and votes are vital in shaping the Party’s policies and campaigns, and ensuring that we remain the only truly democratic party in British politics.

So we want to make sure you come back! Your views are important to us, as they help us improve conference year after year. If you attended autumn conference this year, please take the time to give us your feedback. By clicking on the link below and filling out our online questionnaire, you’ll be helping us to improve future conferences.


And as an extra incentive, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win free registration to your next federal conference!

We look forward to hearing your views.

This is your opportunity to get anything that bugged you off your chest or to commend and praise good practice as you saw it. What do you think about the new timing arrangements? Leader’s speech at 4pm on a Wednesday OK by you? How about the prices at the snack bar? All good questions – and plenty of opportunity for free form responses too, if you want to have a go at some of the bad elements of Conference. Our vox-poppers were not too impressed at the number or cost of the internet PCs or conference Wifi service. Perhaps you’d like to mention that too.

And if you particularly enjoyed the LDV events, such as our two fringe meetings on Campaigning after Rennard (shame the rally over-ran and took all our audience!) and Beyond Twitter – as well as the Blog of the Year awards and the Liberal Drinks meeting – why not mention them in your feedback form?

Unfortunately, if you weren’t at conference, you can’t complete the form – the final question is your name, so that they can check whether you were there or not. Which slightly disenfranchises all those who would have gone if it hadn’t been all the way down there on the South Coast. (I’m much more looking forward to a few conferences up in my neck of the woods in Liverpool and Birmingham next year.) Feel free in that case to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

We’d also be very keen to hear from our readers about the LDV coverage of conference. How do you think we did? Did you listen to the podcasts – if so, what did you think? Where you following our twitter coverage of our events? Was that useful? Anything you’d like to see more – or less – of?