Tweets on 2009-09-24

  • Ooh, stirring music! #ldconf #
  • Pff. Like there's anyone left who still has a £20 note at #ldconf after visiting the snackbar. #
  • RT @rhjames164 Nick Clegg's leader speech at the Lib Dem conference in full and analysis #ldconf <- Erm, embargo?? #
  • Liking this definition of progressive austerity – not savage cuts, but considered redistribution of spending and saving. #ldconf #
  • Ooh "quangocrat". Quangocrat quangocrat quangocrat. #ldconf #
  • 50p more on a cinema ticket! <riotous applause> #ldconf #
  • @SussexTim cut in numbers of MPs has been Lib Dem party policy for ten years or more. #
  • And… Cue more stirring music #ldconf #
  • Wonderful few hours with my delightful nephew and his lovely parents. #
  • Midnight sober yoga in cathedral of despair car park is infinitely inferior. #
  • Safely home. Haven't driven through #bbcr4 close for ages. Excellent World Service programmes about migrants and fly people. #
  • @miss_s_b A34 was totally closed in the night and had to do large, badly signed detour to get back en route. #

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