The comedians on Mock the Week

Jonathan Calder (who I seem to linking to on an almost daily basis lately) says he is #3 in the google search each week after Mock the Week on the term “Russell Howard is not funny

I have to say I disagree. I think he’s rather good. And taking a comedian to task for clowning seems a little odd, for sure.

I also like Hugh Dennis. I particularly like him on the Now Show, and it’s sometimes a little strange when material from there gets recycled on MTW. But he’s good on both.

The Scottish comedian with the on-again off-again ginger beard – Frankie Boyle – he’s very funny. So very shocking, but greatly funny too. The funniest of the bunch.

Andy Parsons? Not funny at all. Don’t like him. Awful delivery. Grr.

Special mention for Stewart Francis. Like him too.

It’s just a shame they don’t manage to book more women. There’s never more than one, and sometimes they don’t even get around to letting her speak.

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