Iain Dale’s question

In response to Iain Dale’s question – can men use their sexuality to influence elections? – I bring you… “Congressman Studly


I know next to nothing about this man – I’m a little vague on the name – but I’d vote for that.

Two interesting things happened about sex and nudity yesterday. First there were the German politicians getting their cleavage out in the name of electioneering.

Secondly one of the participants in the plinth extravaganza in Trafalgar Square got up there and took all of his clothes off. He was promptly ordered by police to cover up – at very least putting some underwear back on.

As the Lib Dem Glee Club song puts it so pithily:

You can end up in the dock
If you whip out your cock
In an English Country Garden

2 comments on “Iain Dale’s question

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