Tweets on 2009-07-29

  • Closing all the windows and belting along to Frank Ifield. #
  • Seeing Bill Bailey Live tonight, looks like he's sold out an entire week at the Royal Theatre. #
  • RT @susioneill: At google event at nottm council, glorified sales pitch. Stats:19p per £1 in uk spent online,70% broadband is necessity #
  • @alanfleming is that the gorgeous A85? That road is amazing. #
  • Leaving Bill Bailey humming "Tiptoe through the tulips." Which wasn't in the show at all. #
  • @meryl_f Zetnet are doing something to their email servers, but I don't know if it affects us. #
  • This rain has a bit of a determined air to it. #
  • – Next to no-one on the sand in the rain. #
  • Buying shirts in the sale. Judging by how squelchy my feet are, I need new, waterproof shoes too. #
  • Sheesh, 10 mins on #WATO about the weather? #

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