Tweets on 2009-07-23

  • Crazy fun day at The Vine – take your kids along if they're bored with summer hols already! #
  • Slightly unnerving conducting planning ctte to the sound of children screaming. Didn't think Chairoplanes where so frightening. #
  • Being slightly dismissive of the proposed new signs for Nottingham Contemporary. Looks like a cheap motel sign. #
  • Ooh, someone wants to open a creperie in the West End arcade. Fantastic, what a good idea. #
  • Mmmm, crepes. #
  • RT @hughmcguire: @LibriVox now has a catalog of 2,500 (!) free, public domain audiobooks: (via @bookoven) #
  • Is that … No, it can't be. The sun? It certainly looks big and hot and yellow… #
  • @thickfurred To express oneself / in seventeen syllables / is very diffic #
  • Level crossing near miss footage. Eeek eeek eek! #
  • Iain Dale posts about level crossings – read the comments for the horrible facts about level crossing road accidents 😦 #

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