Tweets on 2009-06-29

  • Pleased to see none of English Heritage's "at risk" sites are in the city of Nottingham #
  • RT @scottm Iain Dale is one of the top gay men in the UK? The rest of us clearly need to buck our ideas up! #
  • P says 8 of the top 10 in the download album charts are Michael Jackson #
  • Eek. Have left it very late to join Inclosure Walk. So planning to go to end point and walk route in reverse. #
  • Standing at bus stop and already really regretting not having sunscreen. #
  • Bumped into a marshall. I haven't missed the main group yet. Some of the middle bits sound quite complicated and I'm missing all the talks. #
  • Have met t'group at foot of Robin Hood Chase having ice-cream – and I'm sneaking past unnoticed. #
  • Not entirely sure where to go now I've hit St Anns Well Rd #
  • Checking Twitter, I see my pics apparently not getting though so there will a flurry at some point. #
  • Lots of smartly dressed people leaving Arena, name badgers all say "keep on the watch" #
  • Popping into a hostelry to make use of the facilities. Specifically the beer pumps. #
  • Barkeep says the event was 28,000 Jehovah's Witnesses. Must have misheard – don't think arena is that big. #
  • Ok. Have had me pint. More walking or home? #
  • Oh, I didn't realise @maggiephilbin's #summertart comp was open to everyone. Next time! #
  • @chrishughes the whole point peggle mastery is that you choose different masters for different levels! #
  • OMG @maggiephilbin tweeted me! Cue lots of excited running up and down stairs. I would have made this: – but away nx wk #
  • @willhowells you have spymaster invites…? #
  • This made oi laff #
  • Is Costigan starting to help manage expectations re LD by-election performance? #
  • Blog from @joemygod has 1969 article from NY Daily News re Stonewall riots <- seems quite sedate! #
  • "Help – dog urine is seeping into my flat" – #
  • Belatedly setting off for Print Cave. Print Cave Owner wryly asking if this is what counts as "the morning" on planet Niles. #
  • @norwichnorthld you do know that weather forecast is for Norfolk, Virginia, United States, yeah? #
  • @kayray "Deputy sheriff said to me. Tell me what you come here for, boy" #
  • I was a bit obsessed with S&G as a teenager, @kayray, so I'm with you on the harmonies and lyrics, but have heard it a bit more recently. #
  • On a break from Print Cave, in garden. Swallows hurtling around head at alarming speed, nearly hitting house! #
  • Just popping downstairs to make a cuppa tea. When I get back, I might assassinate another ambassador. #
  • Received a #postcrossing postcard from U.S.A. – #
  • Received a #postcrossing postcard from Finland – #
  • Just secured a safe house in Berlin, Germany. #spymaster #
  • How to properly fold a cat for storage in a sweater drawer. #
  • I just reached level 9. #spymaster #
  • Warning Harrogate hotel I probably won't be checking in til gone midnight. #

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