Tweets on 2009-06-22

  • Two songs on the brain. "Open now the chocolate fountain, whence the healing streams doth flow." #
  • And Flanders and Swann, the Slow Train, since Lady Mark told me yesterday that he and Ros Scott were heading to Chorlton cum Hardy. #
  • @chrishughes didn't say the other day how much "It's a trap!!!" made me laugh πŸ™‚ have been repeating it often. #
  • @lgalibdems @edfordham just completed the constitution magnets – did I lose a "by" or was it left off? #
  • – That 5/10 minute speech plan in full. #
  • – Not bad – either as conference food or from an "eatwell plate" perspective. #
  • – The LGA Lib Dem Group had a fridge magnet word game of the Federal Constitution #
  • – NB, I got some of the words in the wrong order. This is because I am not enslaved by conformity. #
  • Eek, ShoZu has gone mad and posted loads of twitpics all at once. #
  • @edfordham yeah, it's brilliant – but was "by" missing or have I lost it? #
  • @edfordham @helenduffett I know it's the preamble to… but 140 characters sometimes requires brevity! #
  • Jealous of neighbour's rotary spinner. We have a big garden, but there's nowhere to put one without the points touching the hedges. #
  • @edfordham PS you at LGA Conference next week? #
  • – Overflowing bottle bank #
  • @kayray rotary spinner airer for laundry like one of these – even in nicest weather ours ends up being dried indoors 😦 #
  • Mmm, fondue. #
  • @edfordham Aha, I found the "by" – it was my fault all along. Yes, will be at LGA conf. Have half an eye to LDV content if anything occurs #
  • Listening in to the Westminster Hour – scant weeks after quitting the party's employ, @markpack is queuing up to dish dirt on the #libdems #
  • Woo, here comes @markpack on the Westminster Hour. #
  • Dammit where have your permalinks gone in this new upgrade? #
  • Booking a hotel for #ldconf – the Queen's Hotel. Hmm. #
  • 12seconds – Brass band interrupts training session #

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